Determination_Acrylic & Ink on canvas11x14
Encouragement_Acrylic & Ink on canvas20x16
Impulse_Acrylic & Ink on canvas20x16
Inversion_Acrylic & Ink on canvas11x14
Sense_Acrylic & Ink on canvas20x16
The Green one_Ink on canvas26x20
The Return_Acrylic & Ink on canvas48x36
Voyage_Acrylic & Ink on canvas11x14
Acrylic and Oil on canvas24” x 20”
Acrylic and Oil on canvas16” x 14”
Acrylic and Oil on canvas32” x 36”
Acrylic and Oil on canvas28” x 22”
TIERRA10” x 10”
THE ARRIVAL 15” x 12”
AIRE10” x 10”
CONECCION15” x 15”
ESCALERA47” x 34”
EN CALMA 28” x 22”
REVEZ30” x 40”
DIPTICO A40” x 40”
Vanessa Kocking
Vanessa Kocking is a visual artist that works with different mediums such as Painting, Electronic Inter Media and Digital Art.

Born in Santiago, Chile in 1977, Vanessa was encouraged to express her artistic language by her parents, film director Leo Kocking and actress Maria Erica Ramos. At an early age she was interested in painting and the use of color as a method of communication.

She describes her paintings  as " a way to create new multi dimensional and psychological landscapes in which connection is key".  It is a serene yet kinetic atmosphere where  stairs  connect or sometimes disconnect paths within the space and are essential elements that bring her work to life.

Using layers and depth she creates new worlds which are absent of margins just as the human mind. Her soft pastels fuse with vivid reds and blues to create fascinating tension and powerful impact.

Vanessa studied Fine Arts and Graphic Design at The University of Art Science and Communications UNIACC in Santiago, Chile. She moved to Miami, FL where her talents were further recognized with multiple appearances in large exhibitions such as at Art Basel and Art Miami. She then broke into the New York City art scene with success at the Affordable Art Fair in Chelsea. Vanessa currently resides in Manhattan.

Besides working as an Art Director and a Graphic designer, Vanessa is now experimenting with new images as well as new medias in her paintings. The need to explore different medias has motivated her to combine painting with digital technology, the result is a connection between the artist’s inner world, the viewer’s perception and modern life.